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Online Responsible Beverage Server Training Program

Available Across State

An advisory group representing grocery, bar and restaurant owners, police, and responsible hospitality trainers worked with UNL's Office of Extended Education & Outreach to develop this unique program. The project was initiated by NU Directions, the campus-community coalition to reduce high-risk drinking among students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Licensee holders and their employees can currently access the training program free of charge anywhere a computer with Internet access is available-home, work, schools, public libraries, computer labs. The program is very easy to administer and use.

  • Managers can quickly personalize the training to include individual policies from their own businesses.
  • Managers can set up accounts for their employees, while the program automatically provides usernames and passwords.
  • Employees can review the training until they can perfect their understanding, and they can return to the program even after they have completed it to refresh their knowledge.
  • Managers can monitor their employees' completion of the training.
  • Employees can transfer their certification when taking another job at a different business.
  • The Liquor Control Commission can access the records of every employee who has passed the training.

Here are specific directions:

Step 1: On any computer with Internet access, type in the following web address: Liquor license holders in the state of Nebraska can also access the training program through a link on the Liquor Control Commission website.
Step 2: Click on the "Computer Set-Up" button to view the technical requirements for the program, and to check your computer program for compatibility. Links and easy-to-follow instructions are provided to download any needed software.
The UNL Office of Extended Education & Outreach offers a help desk for managers and employees. Call 402-472-2175 or email if you need assistance.
Step 3: To create an account for your establishment, click on the "Managers" button. Enter your liquor license number in the box under "Option 1: Create a New Account." Then, click on the button "New Account." Create your account by filling in the boxes for Account ID, Password, and Email address. Finally, click on "Create Account" to finish.
Step 4: Once you have created your new account, you will see the Manager Start Page. Follow the directions on this page to customize the training to your establishment's policies and to register your employees for the training.

Employees enter the training at the same Web address, but click on the "For Employees" button, where they will be prompted to enter their username and password.

For assistance call 402-472-2175 or email